Maia Evrona

Poet; Memoirist; Translator; Leonard Cohen Enthusiast

I Was Once a Handsome Boy/Ikh Bin Geven a Mol a Yingling, at the alleged synagogue on Delos

I Was Once a Handsome Boy

I was once a handsome boy,
heard Socrates in the porticos,
my darling, my bosom-buddy,
had Athens’ most stunning torso.

There was Cesar. And a bright world
built of marble, the last was I,
and selected as my wife
was my proud sister.

Rose-wreathed, over wine, all night through,
I heard in the highest of spirits
about that weakling from Nazareth
and wild stories about Jews.
— Anna Margolin, Translated by Yours Truly

First appeared in Tupelo Quarterly

Copyright: Maia Evrona, 2013. All rights reserved.