Maia Evrona

Poet; Memoirist; Translator

"A sense grew in me that year that my body was losing its substance, as if I were a pillow with a rip in it, and all my feathers were slowly drifting out..."

From "The Foghorn Cough"

Harpur Palate; Winter/Spring 2013

For a number of years, I have been writing a memoir, entitled The Doorway, on growing up with a chronic illness. Rather than writing with the assumption that chronic illness can only be a loss, my memoir treats illness as a valuable, albeit difficult, experience unto itself. It also explores the unique ways in which illness is experienced when one has grown up sick, rather than when one has become so in adulthood. Many of my poems are written from this same perspective and can be read here. My backround as someone who grew up with a disability is also reflected in my works as an essayist, which are listed here. 


Excerpts from The Doorway have been published in the following venues:

-"The Big Black Sky," 

Killing the Angel; Issue Five


New Plains Review; Spring 2014

-"The Foghorn Cough"

Harpur Palate; Winter/Spring 2013

-"A Memoir of a Symptom"

Blood and Thunder; Musings on the Art of Medicine 2012-2013


The following personal essay is not taken from my memoir, but is again, written from the same perspective, and includes a summary of my illness:

"Immigrating to the In-Between,"

Hektoen International, Winter 2018


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