Maia Evrona

Poet; Memoirist; Translator

Maia Evrona is a poet and prose writer. She is the inaugural recipient of the joint Spain-Greece Fulbright Scholar Award for her poetry. She is also currently completing a memoir on chronic illness and she periodically publishes essays and opinion pieces.

She is particularly concerned, when writing about illness in both poetry and prose, with depicting the experience as an experience unto itself, rather than a simple loss.

In addition to her own writing, she translates literature from Yiddish (and occasionally Spanish) into English. Her translations of the Yiddish poet Abraham Sutzkever were awarded a fellowship in translation from the National Endowment for the Arts, while her translations of Yoysef Kerler were awarded a fellowship from the Yiddish Book Center. She has also published translations of Anna Margolin, Celia Dropkin and others, as well as her own poetry in her own English to Yiddish translation. She has been called a representative of a β€œnew generation of Yiddish poet-translators.”


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