Maia Evrona

Poet; Memoirist; Translator; Leonard Cohen Enthusiast

A sense grew in me that year that my body was losing its substance, as if I were a pillow with a rip in it, and all my feathers were slowly drifting out...
— From "The Foghorn Cough," Harpur Palate; Winter/Spring 2013 ©Maia Evrona

Excerpts from The Doorway, my memoir on growing up with a chronic illness:

-"The Big Black Sky," 

Killing the Angel; Issue Five


New Plains Review; Spring 2014

-"The Foghorn Cough"

Harpur Palate; Winter/Spring 2013

-"A Memoir of a Symptom"

Blood and Thunder; Musings on the Art of Medicine 2012-2013



Copyright: Maia Evrona, 2013. All rights reserved.