Maia Evrona

Poet; Memoirist; Translator

Yiddish Book Center Translation Fellowship

I recently received a translation fellowship for 2019 from the Yiddish Book Center. You can read the announcement here:

This fellowship is for a project I have been planning for a while: a selected edition of translations of the poet Yoysef Kerler. Kerler was an important post-war Soviet Yiddish poet, who served five years in the Vorkuta gulag for advocating the teaching of Yiddish. He was also one of the first prominent refuseniks. After his release from the gulag, it was impossible to publish poetry in Yiddish in the Soviet Union, so he often worked as a lyricist and published his work in Russian translation, and in journals abroad. (Sutzkever, in fact, published his work in Di Goldene Keyt.)

Two of my Kerler translations were published a few years ago by In Geveb:

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