Maia Evrona

Poet; Memoirist; Translator

Fiscal Sponsorship through Fractured Atlas, upcoming reading in Auckland

I recently joined Fractured Atlas, a non-profit which enables potential patrons to give tax-deductible donations to artists. This is a concept I’ve long thought should be implemented, and it has the potential to be rather revolutionary, as it is a sensible way to support artists directly, rather than donating to another organization in the hopes that the money will eventually trickle down to artists (I’m not knocking donating to organizations).

This is my link:

If people do donate, I will only receive the money for approved expenses, such as travel for readings or research, or simply paying to maintain my website. I also still have a paypal tipjar:

By the way, if you are an artist and you decide to join Fractured Atlas as well, be sure to use my discount code, which gives you your first membership month free (and also results in $50 for my fund): FS19203

Speaking of readings, I have one upcoming in Auckland, New Zealand on June 16th at the Raye Freedman Library. This was tacked on as an addition after my readings in Melbourne and Wellington, both of which were supported by my fellowship from the Yiddish Book Center.

I recently published a poem in the spring issue of the North American Review. Additional poems are forthcoming in June in Europe Now, along with some Sutzkever translations in The Arkansas International and Pakn Treger.

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